Map My Visitors

Welcome to Map My Visitors! Install our powerful widgets on your website and track visitors in real-time on an interactive map.
Gain valuable insights about your audience and their geographic distribution. See the stats demo page in action.

Map widget

Globe Widget

Key Features

Absolutely Free

You can use our hit counter without any cost or hidden fees, making it a valuable and budget-friendly tool for tracking your website's performance

Data Backup

Automatic data backup to prevent loss of valuable information

Fast Loading Time

The widget is compact, highly optimised, and loads nearly instantly

Pageview Count

Track the number of views for your website.

Multi-Website Support

Manage and track multiple websites or domains within a single dashboard

Traffic Trends

Discover patterns in your website traffic with customizable date ranges


Our hit counter widget is well-suited for a wide range of websites, from small personal blogs to to high-traffic communities

Platform Support

We support all major platforms, including Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and more. Easily integrate our hit counter into your website, regardless of the platform you're usin

How It Works

Widget Installation

Follow our detailed instructions to install the widget on your website. We support popular platforms and CMS, making the integration process easy and secure.

Real-time Display

Once the widget is installed, you'll be able to monitor your visitors on the map in real-time. Markers on the map will indicate the location of each visitor.

Individual Visitor Data

Gain detailed information about each visitor, such as location, IP address, browser, operating system, and other parameters. This will help you better understand your audience and their preferences.

Global Map

Our map covers the entire world, allowing you to see where visitors are coming from, whether it's from a neighboring city or a distant country.

Demo Page

After installing the widget, the statistics will be displayed on a separate page for each specific counter. Check out our demo page to see how the statistics are presented:

Visit Demo Page